Yaya Africa an introduction.

Welcome to Yaya Africa's blog!

Hello from the UK :-) my name is Abi and I run Yaya Africa with my sister Chela. I've been meaning to write this blog for a while now but I wasn't sure what to say, so here goes a little intro to get started.

What is Yaya Africa?

Yaya Africa is a brand which celebrates the work of the African Artisan through handmade African print accessories and clothing. Yaya Africa also focuses on the diaspora experience of people of African heritage through our collection of slogan t-shirts which feature pop culture ideas and images.

Yaya Africa was created by my sister and I, we have a Zambian father, and a Zimbabwean mother, and we were born and raised in the UK.

Both of our parents were very Pan African and instilled in us a pride for African culture, food, and arts. We travelled to Zimbabwe and Zambia many times and spent memorable summers there.

As a child going 'back home' I especially enjoyed going to the tourist sites and seeing all the beautiful arts and crafts. As I grew older, I also visited other African countries which increased my love and appreciation for Africa.

It was in Ghana that the inspiration to start Yaya Africa was born, both my sister and I have a special love for Ghana and have visited it and lived there several times. The thing I really love about Ghana is that African Print is everywhere you go! The capital city Accra is always buzzing, always lively, the culture and the creativity of the people is really energising. I wanted to share that colour into everyday items.

Yaya Africa works with local artisans like artists and seamstresses to commission pieces or to buy their ready made pieces at fair rates and resell oversesas.

All our items are handmade and we always try and source rare prints making small batches of items for exclusivity.

Yaya was established in 2018 but it's only really in 2020 (lockdown!) that we started to actively sell on Etsy and beyond.

I hope to use this platform to connect with lots of amazing people and go into more depth about our projects and products.

Bye for now- Abi.