Head wraps have been worn by women of all nationalities since the beginning of time.

Head wraps can also have great cultural significance.

More recently, head wraps are very popular as fashion accessories.

We have two head wrap sizes:

  • Midi  which is a little less than 2 yards hemmed (approximately) 70 inches x 21.5''  African Print.
  • Mini which is a little less than half a yard hemmed (approximately ) 44 inches x16 inches.

Our Midi head wraps have the boldest and brightest prints, and  can cover an adult head.

Our Mini head wraps are seriously cute! They are great for covering kids full heads, or the front part of an adults head, they 9-measure (approximately) 21'' x 53

Our wrap collections are made from 100% Cotton African Print.


-Do NOT bleach

-Hand wash with cool water.

- Wash with similarcolours

- Air dry

-Do not tumble