About Us

Yaya is an endearing term used by many cultures around the world to address a woman particularly an older woman.

Yaya Africa is the brainchild of two sisters Tinashe and Chela who are two Africa lovers born in the 'diaspora' ☺ to a Zambian father and a Zimbabwean mother (by way of Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa!)

Largely raised by their mother, they were exposed to memorable stints living in Zimbabwe, as well as epic holidays to its awesome tourist destinations. However it is the visits to the rural areas which sparked their love for the culture and the handcrafted arts. 

Yaya was a term first heard in the beautiful Manicaland province which is in the Eastern part of Zimbabwe bordering Mozambique. It comes from ChiNdau a language spoken in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

As the sisters grew older they also visited other African countries which increased their love and appreciation for Africa.

Both sisters have a special love for Ghana and have visited it and lived there several times.

It was in Ghana that the inspiration to start Yaya Africa was born. The thing about Ghana is that African Print is everywhere you go! The capital city Accra is always buzzing, always lively, the culture and the creativity of the people is really energising, and they wanted to share that colour into everyday items.

Yaya Africa works with local artisans like artists and seamstresses to commission pieces or to buy their ready made pieces at fair rates and resell overses.

Side by side with the African Print Accessories they also produce T-Shirts which express what it is to be African or of African heritage particularly in the diaspora with pride, humour and facts only! As much as possible Yaya Africa works with African artists for the original artwork on these pieces.